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San Diego is located in the Southern California at the border of Mexico. San Diego shoot a line with its pleasant temperature climate and a glorious natural harbor that has made the city a center of international commerce, a major United States naval base and a famous destination for tourists. The present population recoded in San Diego is around 1,110,549.

San Diego, "the Birthplace of California”. It is not only a major naval base and an important natural harbor, but it is also a top attractive resort area, a prominent high-technology, aerospace, and aviation production community, and a fertile agricultural area. The balmy climate attracts many new residents and industries each year. The city holds this growth balanced by meticulous preservation of history and a strong emphasis on art, culture, and recreation.

Apart from the extensive and breathtaking coastline and balmy climate, one can find tanned surfers, coffee houses, top restaurants and the old-fashioned villages. The central area of San Diego boasts museums, the San Diego Zoo, luxurious high-rise condos, Craftsman cottages, terrific restaurants, the ship harbor, an easy-to-navigate international airport and Sea World.

ECONOMY: San Diego is the second largest city in California and the seventh largest in the United States, and has an excellent natural harbor. It is an vital port of entry; a shipping and receiving edge for S. California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico's Baja California; and headquarters for the 11th U.S. naval district. San Diego has large aerospace, electronic, and shipbuilding industries, and is an important center for the wireless communications industry, biomedical research, biotechnology industries, and oceanography. It is also a distribution and processing point for a highly productive agricultural area. Other productions include industrial instruments and machinery, computer hardware and software, apparel, and processed foods. Tourism is an important element in the economy; the city has a mild climate, miles of beaches, historic attractions, and a proximity to Mexico.

Real Estate Dec, 06:
November' 06 statistics of San Diego County by “NAR”

Coastal San Diego - Homes For Sale and SOLD-
3911 - ACTIVE listings Priced: $245K - $50M
497 - SOLD Priced:$191K-$9.7M
74 - Average Days on Market

Inland Central and Northern San Diego - Homes For Sale and SOLD-
9915 - ACTIVE listings Priced: $89K - $12.5M
1166 - SOLD Priced:$1-$3.1M
75 - Average Days on Market

Inland Southern San Diego - Homes For Sale and SOLD-
573 - ACTIVE listings Priced: $179.9K - $4.4M
72 - SOLD Priced:$208K-$1.2M
72 - Average Days on Market

South-bay San Diego - Homes For Sale and SOLD-
2466 - ACTIVE listings Priced: $145K - $10.9M
214 - SOLD Priced:$169K-$4.7M
73 - Average Days on Market

The demand for housing in S. California will grow. As demand rises home price will also increases, but in a smaller percentage (3-5% yearly). The reason for growing demand of real estate is may be due to considerable rise in employment in San Diego. Secondly, in United States incomes grows 6-times faster than the population.

In San Diego County, buyers had the best selection of homes to choose from this summer than at any time in the last two years. Though the number of sales has gone down, prices are still going “up”, sales are down 29.3% from a year ago (July). But sale prices are only down 1.8%. This is not really that significant because last year was the highest sales year in San Diego County history. Now, we are just returning to a more normal market. Some experts says, there are more properties for sale RIGHT NOW than would have normally come on the market during the ENTIRE summer. In other words, we have a flip-flop year, with more homes TO BE SOLD in the second half instead of in the traditional first half.

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