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Saint Louis city (St. Louis) is an independent and its not in any county. It is located on the Mississippi River below the mouth of the Missouri and incorporated as a city in 1822. St. Louis since long time known for a major industrial and transportation hub. It is a leading rail and trucking center and its airport and river port are among the country's busiest. Its industries includes chemicals; consumer goods; motor vehicles and parts; electronic components; foods and beverages; textiles; shoes; paper, plastic, and metal products; paints; soap and detergents; hardware; and pharmaceuticals. St. Louis is also a wholesale, banking, and financial center.

Institutions and Landmarks of St. Louis:

The city has a known symphony orchestra, a municipal opera, a large botanical garden and over 30 educational institutions, which includes Saint Louis University, Washington University, three theological seminaries and a branch of the University of Missouri. St. Louis has large Forest Park with an open-air theater, an art museum, a zoo, a planetarium and the Jefferson memorial building, which reminds the Louisiana Purchase Exposition of 1904. Two museums are located in the city are the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts and the Contemporary Art Museum. St. Louis also hosts for the National League's Cardinals, the National Football League's Rams, and the National Hockey League's Blues.

St. Louis has a continental temperate climate as there are no mountains and large bodies to moderate its temperature. The area is affected by both cold Canadian arctic air and also hot humid tropical air from the Gulf of Mexico. The city has four regular seasons.

Favorite Sports of St. Louis: Baseball, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Arena Football and Tennis.

ECONOMY: St. Louis is a center for corporate headquarters. Beer commercials have made the city well known as the base of Anheuser-Busch Breweries. It is also produces Energizer Battery. Neighboring suburbs host chemical companies and now it has become the leader in genetically modified crops and Solutia, the old Monsanto chemical division that was separated as independent company in 1997. Headquarters of Enterprise Rent- A-Car is located in Clayton. Located in the north side of St. Louis is headquarters of Emerson's Electric. Charter Communications is the nation's fourth largest broadband communications company posses its headquarters in St. Louis's suburb of Town and Country.

Real Estate: Saint Louis is the city with abundant cultural history, lots of landmarks and attractions, making it a fabulous place to live. The city was settled in early 18th century to grow into a booming city with a population of nearly 350,000 spread out over almost 62 square miles. The great Mississippi and Missouri rivers runs through and around the city. There are also plenty of lakes and other natural attractions which enriches the city.

The city posses variety of neighborhoods, of which some are still very genuine to their ancestral, cultural and lingual roots. There are great places to visit and great places to eat some of the best cuisine, among other kitchens: French, Italian, German, Irish, Bosnian, Russian, Greek, and Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian, African, Mexican, Brazilian, Jamaican and many others.

Homes are now considered as medium-priced for the area, ranging from $ 80,000 to $ 220,000. They are definitely being sold, but at a slower pace. So buyers have more choices and can use free will. At present it takes longer to sell, ranging from nearly 3-5 months and there are frequent foreclosures than before. Landlords are very happy as there are more good tenants and it's been easier to rent. Moreover, rents have rose by about 5-7%. Home prices have slightly declined by about 5-8%. Mortgage Rates are also going down just like everywhere else. The market still maintains a better value ratio than in many other cities (such as Florida and California) and homes are still extremely affordable.

The St. Louis market is definitely a buyers market at this present time. According to the "Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight" committee, the home prices in the state of Missouri rose last quarter by 1.03%. For the past one year, homes are appreciated by 5.02%. Negative appreciation could be seen in New Hampshire and Rhode Island for the past quarter. Another important point to look at is the rural versus the urban. In rural Missouri, appreciation at 2.7% and urban shows a 1.4%. So, we feel rural is a better investment at this time. But, not necessarily so. However, when it comes to investing in real estate, can start with the country, state, city, then neighborhood to research the pros and cons of investing. Real Estate is still a great investment.

Available ZIP Codes: 63109, 63116, 63147


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